Get to know BIKETOWN

Expanding access to every corner of the city

BIKETOWN is Portland’s bikeshare system, with more than 2,000 ebikes at over 200 stations across Portland’s neighborhoods. Meet the fleet, get trip tips, and do the city right.

How it works

It’s so easy.

1. Unlock it

Pick out a bike and use the BIKETOWN or Lyft app to scan its QR code.

2. Ride it

Hop on and start cruisin’.

3. Lock it

There is no fee to park at a BIKETOWN station. Park at any public bike rack within the service area for $1.
Be sure you lock the bike at the end of every trip.
(No parking fee east of 72nd Ave.)

Meet the ebike

With speeds up to 20 MPH, our custom pedal-assist ebikes give you the power to tackle bridges, shorten your commute, and see more in less time. Just start pedaling and the power kicks in. It’s like magic. Except it’s science. Or, who knows, maybe something in between.

Riding tips

A few things to keep in mind before you get going.

Let’s get riding

Download the app to get started with a membership or single ride. You can sign up for membership online, too.